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Welcome to! This website was designed to be a hub for the various ministry and advocacy work that the Bradley’s do in the Tri-State, the nation ad the world. This site gives over-view pages on these endeavors. By clicking on the links above, you can go directly to the sites for:




It is our desire to bring light, hope and freedom to the spirit and soul of humanity; to be a life-giving voice addressing the racial, ethnic, gender and class divides in our nation and world, and to help individuals pursue and walk in purpose to fulfill their God-given destinies in the earth.  Whether in the community of faith, engaging the powers of business, health, education, entertainment or politics; Sherman and Sadell Bradley are committed to serve, and be agents of healing for what divides.

We are thrilled to announce that Sherman is now a National Consultant for Aha! Process Inc. Sherman has extensive training and experience via Dr. Ruby Payne’s “Aha Process” organization as a certified trainer. (