“The situation of the people’s afflicted by hunger & malnutrition arises from their historical circumstances, especially social inequalities, including in many cases alien and colonial domination, foreign occupation, racial discrimination, apartheid and neo-colonialism in all it’s forms, which continue to be among the greatest obstacles to the full emancipation and progress of the developing countries and all the people’s involved”

  • Declaration on the Eradication of Hunger & Malnutrition Nov 16, 1974

Forty years later where are we? Are things any better? In the US

  • 1 in 6 children go without food and
  •  30% of American families were classified as food insecure
  • 50 Million Americans don’t have enough food to eat.

Obesity and hunger are hand in hand because without money to buy food you need to be healthy you spend it on the cheap food that is very bad with high calories, fat, sugar etc.

Since 1995, the USDA has spent a quarter of a trillion dollars on farm subsidies.

The USDA uses are far to diverse to be impartial. It represents

  • International Food Trade
  • Crop Insurance
  • Food, Safety & Inspection
  • Conservation
  • Dietary Guidelines
  • Animal Protection
  • Farming
  • RAL Development
  • Food & Nutrition programs

They now focus on Mega-farm corporations who receive tax-payers funding to operate with no subsidies for fruit and vegetable farming. Agribusinesses focus on the processed and cheap to develop food items that are actually not food but extremely profitable.