To provide the very best advocacy, consulting, training, and service projects that will enlighten people to consider and engage issues around poverty.

We will continue to partner with individuals, non-profits, civic organizations and businesses to assist the less fortunate, and meet felt needs. We will provide necessary resources, support, and relationships toward ending the cycle of poverty in every community.

Consider The Poor is a organization built upon the work, experience and passion of Sherman B. Bradley, founder and CEO. CTP’s goal is to “Break the Cycle of Poverty” in the lives of those less fortunate. As Former Vice President of City Gospel Mission, in the heart of Over-The-Rhine of Cincinnati, Ohio Sherman sought and established a holistic approach to restoring lost lives. City Gospel Mission is a homeless shelter serving the homeless, transient, poor, disenfranchised, formerly incarcerated and substance abusers via a variety of services. Sherman’s work and trainings have lead him to train thousands of volunteers, employees and social service workers in non-profits, churches and businesses in Ohio and around the country.

This in hope of assisting others understand poverty and class in America’ in pursuit of empowering the poor to aspire and achieve a better way of life. It is a calling of Sherman Bradley, one he has been in pursuit of since the late 1990’s. He has served in the US Air Force overseas, traveled to Africa for mission’s trips and worked in the heart of the inner city of America. He has also received training from Dr. Ruby K. Payne’s organization “Aha Process” and had the pleasure of sitting at the feet of Dr. John M. Perkins and his work with CCDA (Christian Community Development Association). He is also first generation removed from generational poverty as both of his parents grew up in poverty.

After a decade at the homeless shelter Sherman is now Pastor of New Life Covenant Cincinnati in the heart of downtown Cincinnati and developer of the annual “HopeFest Health & Education” festival helping at-risk families in health and education services and info to enhance their quality of life. These unique circumstances aid Sherman in understanding the experiences of hurting people. He has committed his life to helping the larger society understand those in greatest need in our country.

We are thrilled to announce that Sherman is now a National Consultant for Aha! Process Inc. Sherman has extensive training and experience via Dr. Ruby Payne’s “Aha Process” organization as a certified trainer. (


For 6 years he has trained volunteers with “City Gospel Mission” homeless shelter, rehabilitation program and transitional living facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio on “Understanding Poverty” in order to affectively serve the poor homeless and disenfranchised.

Sherman has had the pleasure of learning from Dr. John M. Perkins who for 50 years has worked side-by-side with the poor and decision makers from local city counsel to Capital Hill who write policies in order to advocate for justice and equality. (;